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Business Plans

You can develop your business just in 425 Rs.
If you make 15 PV left : 15 PV right in 45 days , you will be owner of 1 loyalty unit.
Then you will be liable to get income as per loyalty unit which depends on company's monthly turnover.
If you are not intrested to make 15 PV left : 15 PV right , you can enter in our business by investing with any one of our franchisee package which are mentioned below:
Franchisee Package Product Value Loyalty Unit Package P.V.
425 Life Time 25 % Discount 0 1
11215 13800 1 31
21615 25875 3 63
41135 52200 7 127
78695 102600 15 255
153815 213750 31 511
304055 431250 63 1023
604535 862500 127 2047
The regular interaction and association with leader will lead willingness to customer to join the business for benefits.
You can buy any of the package mentioned above and become franchisee of HRP.
 Along with the product package you will be given a SMART CARD issued by Company.
The value of the product will be forwarded to the smart card given to you.You can use this balance amount to buy any product of Nutema Life Care Pvt. Ltd. through out your life, from any of our franchisee outlet or online .
Balance of the product value will be used only to purchase product, it will not be transferred to cash.
While purchasing product through smart card if there is no sufficient balance then you have to pay through cash. 25% discount will be given on cash purchase for lifetime..
Sales commission is released weekly and its account is cleared on weekly basis.
Sales commission is calculated on weekly product sale ,1 PV left : 1 PV right = Rs. 50
Sales commission will be given only once on every sale of product.
Counting of sales commission will be done from Thursday to Wednesday and cheque will be released every Saturday.
Maximum ceiling of weekly commission is Rs. 5000. If the sale commission is less than Rs. 1000 then cheque will not be issued and balance will be directly transferred to the smart card.
Commission amount can be withdrawn from any of our branch as Franchisee using your smart card.
TDS as per Government rule and 10 % admin charge will be deducted from your sales commission .
Loyalty unit income is based on follows:

 (Company's Monthly Turnover *5%) / Loyalty Unit Achievers.

Commission based on loyalty unit will be released on every fourth Wednesday of the month and its cheque will be issued on following Monday.
Our every franchisee gets this Loyalty income which is also known as Honesty income or Ajivan Income.
As this income depends on company’s monthly turnover hence it will not be a fixed or guarented income and also not possible to say the exact commission amount of Loyalty unit.It will be provided to the Franchisee through out the life time, in absence of Franchisee , income will be continued to registered Nominee till the total reimbursement of per ID reaches Rs. 72000 from starting.
TDS as per Government rule and 10 % admin charge will be deducted from your Loyalty unit commission .